Operation and maintenance

Debugging the initial operation, condition monitoring and reliability engineering

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Debugging the initial operation

The first few months of operation are critical because of the effect of infant mortality. Debugging is a complicated endeavour. It is a time when the mistakes made in the previous phases can claim the heaviest toll, due to the pressure for production and the urgency of the stakeholders to obtain a return on the capital investment made so far. ETM team has experience and vision gained from the start of hundreds of power generation and compression systems, shortening the debugging phase.

Condition monitoring

The latest information and communication technology provide the means for the remote supervision of the equipment and can provide information in real time at any location of the specialist, whether at home, in the office or travelling. ETM team has the capability to analyse and interpret the set of information available, from the mechanical, operational and thermodynamic point of view of the systems. Remote monitoring enables to prevent failures, extend campaigns, increase availability and performance of equipment and systems.

Reliability engineering

Energy and processing systems are usually tailor-made. Similar to the development of a prototype, systems can fail for different reasons: design, manufacturing, operation decisions, commissioning, etc. ETM can assist the operator to adopt a reliability centred asset management program. ETM offers asset management methodology based on the collection and statistical treatment of data for any status change, either scheduled or non-scheduled events. The event-driven software can simulate and optimise scheduled maintenance, reduce failure rates and improve system availability.

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