Vibration Analysis and Diagnostics

ETM counts on professionals with great experience in Analysis and Diagnosis of Vibrations of rotating equipment, with the capability to detect and propose solutions, from a simple field balancing to replacement or redesign of components.


We have the best technology available, both in hardware and software, for data acquisition, signal processing, vibration analysis, and diagnostics.


We are the only Brazilian company that combines measurements made in the field with computer modeling of your equipment.


Rotordynamic Analysis

The ETM performs the lateral and torsional rotodynamic analysis of its equipment using a suite of proprietary development software ETM Rotor. Based on the finite element method, ETM Rotor provides elements to verify the suitability of the design to the standard and functional requirements of the rotating machine, such as verification of separation of the natural frequencies of the system, verification of compatibility between levels of vibration and internal clearance of the machine and verification of stability of the assembly for different operating conditions.


Among the functionalities of ETM Rotor are damped and undamped modal analysis, unbalance response analysis, response to arbitrary excitations and transient analysis, following the practices recommended in API 684 (rotodynamic tutorial) and meeting the requirements of API standards 616 (turbines) and API 617 (compressors).
We are the only Brazilian company that combines measurements made in the field with computer modeling of your equipment.


Operational Modal Analysis

ETM has developed a proprietary software suite ETM Modal for the modal analysis of rotating equipment in the field, without the need for external excitation. We use advanced techniques to separate the vibration signal coming from the stochastic excitation due to the internal flow of the machine and to extract information regarding rotodynamic stability, natural frequencies and vibration modes, being another important tool for stability analysis and troubleshooting of rotating equipment.


Turbomachinery Performance

The thermodynamic evaluation of centrifugal compressors is based on performance maps that are valid for a specific suction condition that depends on the composition of the gas, pressure, and temperature. ETM has developed ETM Performance,  a proprietary software suite for predicting the behavior of gas-operated compressors, suction and rotation conditions other than those specified, using state-of-the-art state equations to describe actual gas behavior.


Dynamic Simulations

The ETM performs dynamic simulation of compression systems, evaluating the interaction between rotating equipment and the process. Among the objectives of the simulation we can mention: the impact of the system configuration on the anti-surge and capacity controls; the need for hot or cold bypass valves; behaviour in pressurized starts, settle out pressure levels considering dynamic effects neglected in conventional calculations and susceptibility to reverse rotations during machine shutdown. The methodology points to proposing operational procedures or changes for solving the potential problems. Significant improvements in system stability and flexibility can be achieved.


Configuration Studies

The design of systems involving turbomachinery should follow a multidisciplinary approach. The plant configuration must take into account the total cost of ownership of the assets. The impact of equipment configuration on system availability is a key factor in the decision making process due to potential production losses and lost profits.

Other important aspects to consider are the space and weight, especially in offshore applications.

ETM performs configuration studies, our analyzes include RAM and LCC models.


Design Audits and Consulting

ETM provides consulting for designs that include turbomachinery, performing the following activities:

Conceptual design; machinery configuration studies in refineries, UPGNs and FPSOs, including RAM and LCC analysis; Preliminary selection of turbomachinery, sizing, elaboration of requirements and equipment specifications; Logistics Analysis; Selection of turbomachinery with interaction and visits to manufacturers, clarification of BID requirements and technical specifications, evaluation of exceptions to international standards, technical evaluation reports; preliminary rotodynamic analyzes; Preliminary dynamic simulation of the compression system with a focus on evaluating the interaction between the equipment and the process, anticipating possible future problems and evaluating the impact of different system configurations on turbomachinery control;  Proposal evaluation and supplier selection, highlighting the technical limitations and benefits of each proposal, considering the long-term consequences for the Project Life Cycle; Rigorous dynamic simulation of compression systems, including turbomachinery control systems (using commercial process simulators), Witness of factory tests using own tools to evaluate ASME Type II tests, evaluation of mechanical behavior during MRT, Full Load Test, stability evaluation through proprietary tools  for Operational Modal Analysis; Training of the user team; Evaluation of equipment preservation at the construction site; Development of test procedures in the shipyard;  of start up debugging; Development of machine start-up procedures; Reliability Engineering; Impact evaluation of compressors operating in off-design conditions; Development of architectures and supply of systems for protection and monitoring of machinery.


Solutions in Turbomachinery Controls

ETM is the exclusive representative and technical support of Energy Control Technologies (ECT) in Brazil. Energy Control Technologies (ECT) provides control solutions designed to maximize plant productivity and efficiency.


The algorithms developed by ECT incorporate the latest technology for stability and safety in the operation of centrifugal compressors, suitable for severe operating conditions on offshore platforms due to the great variability of the gas composition and the transients of starting and stopping machines. ECT technology has a great economic advantage, because it uses an open platform for market PLCs, not using "black boxes" with high costs of acquisition, exchange, and maintenance.


Solutions in Machinery Protection and Condition Monitoring

We offer solutions for your plant using SETPOINT, which is a new series of BK Vibro machine protection and monitoring products compliant with API 670. SETPOINT incorporates innovative technology that eliminates the need for a dedicated server for condition monitoring. This is the only monitoring system in the world with full connectivity to the OSISoft PI system, storing dynamic data (synchronous and asynchronous waveforms) and static data in the process historian. All advanced diagnostic features are available through SETPOINT's CMS software.


Consult us for a demonstration tour of SETPOINT.


Turbomachinery Training

An in-company training program tailored to the needs of our clients.


"Our courses address case studies related to the field of turbomachinery."

Some of the courses we offer:



Centrifugal Compressors;

Operational Modal Analysis of Turbomachinery;

Performance of Compressors and Gas Turbines;

HANDS-ON Course of Dynamic Simulation of Compression Systems.

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