ASME PTC 10 Modified Test for Mechanical Assessment of Centrifugal Compressors 36th Turbomachinery Symposium

This paper presents results related to the mechanical behavior, obtained from a performance test according to ASME PTC 10 (1997) Type I. presenting requirements modification to adapt the ASME test to a test that allows the inference of thermodynamic and mechanical behavior.

Life Cycle Assessment of Turbomachinery for Offshore Applications – Updated with Field Data. 37th Turbomachinery Symposium

This paper describes an updated life cycle cost analysis of the generation system and compression triggers of 5 Campos Basin platforms with configuration proposed by Miranda and Brick (2004), showing operational data collected from these platforms and comparing with data collected from platforms with configurations that were used before the new proposition.

Review Of Centrifugal Compressors High Pressure Testing For Offshore Applications, 44th Turbomachinery Symposium

This paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various types of centrifugal compressor testing.


This paper gives an overview of the main trends that will affect the turbomachinery technology, including design, new applications, and hybridization, given the ongoing paradigm shift towards a society less dependent on fossil fuels, as well as the intense pressure for the de-carbonization of the energy, transport and industrial sectors.

Early Detection of Rotating Stall Phenomena in Centrifugal Compressors by Means of ASME PTC 10 Type 2 Test, 41st Turbomachinery Symposium

This paper proposes means for the detection of rotating stall during performance tests ASME PTC 10 TYPE II and proposes criteria to scale the results (amplitude of vibration at the point of inception) to condition in site.

Life Cycle Costs Assessment of Turbomachinery for Offshore Applications. 33rd Turbomachinery Symposium

This paper describes a comprehensive life cycle cost (LCC) analysis procedure, regarding turbomachinery systems for offshore oil and gas production platforms.

Operational Modal Analysis Application for the Measure Of Logarithmic Decrement in Centrifugal Compressor, 44th Turbomachinery Symposium

This paper presents the Operational Modal Analysis (OMA), using subspace stochastic identification (SSI), as an alternative for stability tests of centrifugal compressors, comparing this technique with experimental modal analysis (EMA) using the prediction method (PEM), for computational models and for tests performed in a high pressure centrifugal compressor.

Stability Testing of CO2 Compressors, 43rd Turbomachinery Symposium

This paper presents results of stability analyzes and tests on high pressure centrifugal compressors operating with high CO2 gases, starting with preliminary analyzes carried out in an academic institution. Results of stability tests performed at the manufacturer's facilities are presented.

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