ETM Rotor

Due to the technological development, rotating machines are being designed with slender shafts, associated with higher speeds and working with higher density work fluids. These attributes require high accuracy modelling from both the manufacturer and the machine operator. Based on the finite element method, ETM Rotor is a rotodynamic software that meets these requirements. ETM Rotor features the suitability of design, regarding standards and machinery functionality requirements like separation margin from natural frequencies, verification of compatibility between vibration levels and internal machine clearances and stability for different operational conditions.

Among the features of the ETM Rotor, we can mention the undamped modal analysis, unbalance response analysis, response to arbitrary excitations and transient analysis. The methodology of the software follows API 684 (rotodynamic tutorial) best practices and meeting API requirements 616 (turbines) and API 617 (compressors) in an automated manner.

In addition to the Euller-Bernoulli and Timoshenko beam models, the software features upper beam models bringing better results for larger cross-section rotors. Advanced techniques of model reduction are employed in an automated way, aiming to reduce the computational cost. Contact ETM to request a modelling of your equipment.

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