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Revamp studies, Revamp execution support, Inspection and tests

Revamp and retrofits


To revamp a system is no different from a conventional project, and should be carefully planned considering all phases, from conceptual studies to commissioning and testing. The revamp can be even more complex given it can change some original features of the equipment. There is a history of several instances of unsuccessful revamps. However, the user can benefit greatly from the evolution of technology to improve the probability of success of the system with a carefully developed renovation project. ETM has the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure the successful modernization of facilities and equipment. Moreover, ETM can assist the operator to prevent a revamp, by (re)qualifying the original equipment to the new operational conditions, saving a lot of money and the unnecessary downtime of the plant.

Revamp execution support

Revamp planning shall obviously try to minimise system downtime. Typically, the renovation should be designed to fit the regular maintenance time, during a major overhaul. Local logistics should be carefully studied. Revamp's economy is heavily affected by plant downtime.


The revamps testing campaign often faces constraints. For example, in centrifugal compressors revamp, the casing may not be available to allow factory testing. On the other hand, the timeline does not permit time-consuming tests. Risk assessment for such situations is complex work, which must rely on the state of the art design tools. The ETM has rigorous and reliable simulation models, both for thermodynamic performance and for mechanical and rotodynamic behaviour.

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